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The X-ray view box is a device consisting of lights mounted behind a transparent screen and used to provide a radiographic image with backlighting. This lets clinicians see an image's light, contrast, and details. It is also identified as an illuminator. Quality X-ray view boxes in the hospital provide better images for more detailed diagnosis. Patients particularly enjoy the presence in the examination room of this x-ray view box equipment, where they can quickly check their films with their physician. A ventilation system is provided in each medical X-ray view box and provides top and bottom film grips on the view box section. The body of the Hospital X-Ray View box is made of Frame and Acrylic Sheet of mild Steel Cabinet. Sensor-based X-Ray View Box equipment has edge light which will ON once you insert a film, and after removing the same, it will OFF. For holding the X-ray film, it also has plastic clips.