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Traction table manual is a manual method for minimizing pressure on the damaging vertebral disks. Traction is a manual spinal stretch that decreases the strain on the discs and hence reduces the discomfort of the person. A medical traction table manual is a circular structure between each spine vertebra. The surrounding soft inner tissue has a tough exterior coating. The robust exterior layer is damaged and the soft inside appears through the gap when it is under pressure and damaged. You may know different kinds of treatment for pain, including traction therapy, when you have back or neck pain. Congratulations to choose the perfect traction table manual accessories from Desco medical India. It is solid, reliable and easy to operate. These characteristics are the result of careful design, production methods and the system of quality assurance. Treatment from hospital traction table manual is done to increase spinal mobility and decompression by relaxing muscles and increasing the spacing of the inter-vertebral disk and for aminal invasion.