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As a non-invasive treatment, ultrasound therapy has been used to cure a wide range of illnesses. It is also used for the treatment of swelling, particularly if it is distributed over a greater area than normal. It may also be used for phonophoresis, which is where medication is given without an injection through the skin. When traditional procedures are unsuitable for a patient, such as one who has a fear of needles, or hemophiliacs, this makes medical ultrasound therapy acceptable. There are some widely applicable advantages to the waves transmitted through the body using Ultrasound Therapy products, making ultrasound therapy ideal for a wide variety of problems. Medical Ultrasound therapy is absolutely safe, harmless and painless. That could create some pain when you carry the probe at one point in your body, which is why it should travel slowly and not stay static. Ultrasound therapy, though, does surely not harm.