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Tubular Steel Construction Physio Suspension frame with welded steel rod-mesh at the top for full suspension with slings & ropes. In order to diagnose and treat and as required in each particular situation, mesh enables suspension at any desired stage. It comes with complete Suspension Gear. Tubular steel structure is used for the Hospital Physio Suspension Frame. For full suspension with slings & ropes, 12 hooks are supplied on each side for carrying suspension gear, all welded steel rod mesh at the end. At any desired point in relation to the patient and as needed in each particular situation, mesh encourages suspension. Heavy-duty ceiling and medical suspension frame with a wall-mounted regular white enamel finish. These are long-lasting and high quality. Other sizes may be generated in order to satisfy precise specifications. The frames are designed to accommodate a 300lb or 140kg load that is uniformly dispersed.