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The Covid-19 pandemic has disrupted life for almost everyone around the globe. Any time you go outside as the cases are increasing day by day, you must cover your face well with a mask together with using safety goggles. These Eye Protection Goggles protect the lives of patients with the novel coronavirus disease COVID-19 during the care, treatment and quarantine process. You will make sure you are not vulnerable to the possibility of transmission of viruses. Even in the present, you have to wear masks and covid safety goggles when you move out to run various essential errands such as fetching food supplies and necessities. Those of you who often touch your face may allow the virus to enter your body through your eyes, nose or mouth. While everyone talks about wearing a face mask, it is equally important to wear safety goggles to protect the eyes as well. These goggles will protect you from directly contacting your eyes and minimize the chance of transmission.

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