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The pandemic Covid-19 has altered everyone living on a large scale and small scale. It's a virus which kept us in our home for a long time. But to fight with this when it's on peak PPE kit came into existence and everyone using this can be protected from Covid-19. It’s a disposable PPE kit everyone can wear it like a suit as it blocks the virus from entering into your body. This is used by frontline workers who directly deal with the Corona patients like nurses, doctors, compounders etc. ICONIC PPE kit covers your body from top to bottom as it consists of Cap, face shield, face mask, complete suit and shoes. It comes in various quality like 65 GSM, 90 GSM as you can buy it according to your requirement. DESCO PPE kit SITRA approved is very affordable in price which can be purchased by anyone who deals with the Covid-19 patient.

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