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Have you ever encountered extreme pains in the neck and found it impossible to reach for anything to rid you of palpitating discomfort and tenderness? A therapeutic procedure for relieving discomfort by extending the spine is the Traction Unit. Stretching the spine divides the vertebrae and allows the vertebral disks to alleviate nerve pain and tension. The hospital traction unit is a popular nonsurgical procedure that relieves discomfort and decreases pressure on the strained nerve roots that leave the spinal canal with a herniated disc in the spine. The Medical Traction Unit may either be administered manually or by spinal traction systems for lower back pain. For neck conditions, traction unit is more useful. A specific and durable unit is the microprocessor-based Traction Unit with constant & incessant traction modes. The Hospital Traction Unit operates with a reliable, quiet and smooth geared motor on Solid State circuitry.