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Your well-being will be affected by the effects of radiation exposure by x-rays. During a treatment containing potential exposure to radiation, we can't stress enough how important it is to protect yourself. The X-Ray Arm Guard provides an extra layer of protection from exposure to x-ray rays. This equipment for radiation safety helps nurses, physicians and technicians during operations to stand behind a barrier. The fundamentally new hospital X-ray arm guard for doctors from Desco Medical India is an amazing concept that takes into consideration both radiation protection and the ease of operating efficiently. The radiation safety gear is lead-lined, but its weight does not stress the consumer. The lightweight lead version of X-ray safety gear is the medical X-ray arm guard. In the long run, the use of the proper X-ray arm guard will help mitigate the possible side effects of radiation. The advantages may not be apparent immediately, but interventionists should be confident of protection.