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The X-Ray Cap is a reusable cap intended to shield the head of the wearer from dispersed radiation. Research is currently focusing on an elevated risk of neurological problems in medical workers due to high-dose work conditions, such as interventional radiology. To ensure optimum comfort levels throughout procedures, it is made of sturdy fabrics and features an elasticated band to provide a good degree of protection. Hospital X-ray caps from the hospital supply the top of the head with x-ray protection. Physicians who conduct interventional operations in an x-ray vest, an x-ray collar, are more likely to cover more of their body. However, their head is subjected to dangerous radiation that should be minimized with a medical x-ray cap. They were big, cumbersome, and made of hard lead material when hospital x-ray caps were first introduced. The design was improved by Desco Medical India to be lightweight, compact, and easy to wear.

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