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An X-ray collar is a leading collar that coils around the neck to absorb the radiation that X-ray images emit. The bulk of radiation used to produce the images during an X-ray goes right where it is targeted. Most radiation detection happens in the breast in the event of a mammogram. The Medical X Ray Collar is the finest collar style that suits well with the thyroid gland. The light weight of the X-ray collar helps to shift the neck quickly. The use of hospital x-ray collar is an important measure for exposure safety for doctors conducting radiological procedures, and the wide range of x-ray collars from Desco Medical India provide premium radiation protection. Wearing hospital x-ray collars is in accordance with radiation safety guidelines, which may require sensitivity to time spent and the distance from the radiologist and the source of radiation. Shielding makes it easier to carry in additional treatments for any care practitioner working with the risk of exposure to radiation, since the shielding extends the amount of time when one may be exposed.