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For a healthcare worker, the consequences of prolonged exposure to medical radiation are potentially severe. DNA, RNA and proteins may be affected by such radiation. Significant health concerns can result from cellular damage. The hands of operators are extremely vulnerable. X-ray gloves are by far the most effective protection during fluoroscopy, cardiac cath laboratory, and electrophysiology lab procedures against the dangers of radiation exposure. Sterile radiation safety medical x-ray gloves are specially developed and checked to ensure that full protection is provided to medical personnel. A radiation safety hospital x-ray glove is the most effective means of shielding against radiation exposure. X-ray gloves do not flake off, and are reusable and can be provided in latex-free variations. You already know the dangers involved in unprotected contact if you are a physician who occasionally comes into contact with radiation. In order to secure hands that come near to x-ray machines, CT scanners and other instruments, medical X-ray gloves of several kinds are available.

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