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Across the globe, the number of people infected with coronavirus disease (COVID-19) is steadily growing. The management of waste, including toxic, medical, and household waste, is of vital importance in these circumstances. The name Biohazard Bag itself is a self-explanatory phrase that emphasizes the term biohazard. The need for hazardous waste to be collected, sealed and disposed of has been clarified by scientists, health professionals and environmentalists. It is not possible to ignore the significance and necessity of controlling this virus, but what is more important is to ensure the systematic disposal of waste using biohazard bag produced during the process of containing, preventing and treating this highly infectious disease. The Biohazard Waste Collection Bag ensures the safe disposal of biomedical waste produced by patients with the novel Coronavirus disease COVID-199 during care, diagnosis and quarantine.These biohazard waste collection bags ensure that the medical waste is properly disposed of as it is highly infectious and can spread harmful infections. This product range is produced in strict accordance with the specifications and prescribed norms of the industry.

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