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Numerous products have come to light to keep people safe and shielded from the COVID-19 virus since the COVID-19 global pandemic broke out. Personal protective equipment (PPE) Kits also achieved a great deal of attention and relevance. In the fight against this pandemic, the Coverall PPE Kit plays a very critical role. It helps to minimise the spread from one person to another of the extremely contagious COVID-19 virus. There are chances that the virus will harm our surroundings. A Coverall Disposable prevents our body parts from being exposed to the infected environment. A reusable laminated coverall provides the body with maximum protection. As a part of communication precautions, it is recommended and is considerably easier to put on and take off. It is waterproof and protects the body from all fluids from splashes. For the medical personnel working with Covid19 patients, Coverall Reusable non-laminated is safest to use.

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