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Traction chairs are flexible chairs that aid in spinal correction for chiropractors and relieve pressure on the posture of patients. To quickly correct posture, the Hospital Traction chair protects the neck and shoulders while relieving pressure on the legs and lower extremities. The chair compresses excessive spaces in the back of the neck using the powers of gravity. Around the same time, the Medical Traction Chair generates dense space in the chest and rib-cage while restoring correct curvature around the spine. Your spine should look like a softly curving highway, in profile. Many of them, though, are much like a gravel path in hill country. For patients, these types of traction chairs are not painful. A transition to get used to will be the first experience. The chair would make most patients more relaxed. There will be no adverse effects for certain people or they will get used to the medical traction chair and after the first few sessions in the chair, side effects will go down.