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The Hydrotherapy medical equipment is designed for permanent installations with direct connections to the supply of hot & cold water, overflow and drainage in a compact rectangular configuration. Various arm & leg exercises are made possible by the full body tank. The rectangular tank provides the therapist with good access when observing and assisting the patient. A very invigorating and healing feeling can be created by the water inside a hot tub. Most often referred to as hot tub hydrotherapy, this experience is Hydrotherapy accessories is a type of therapy based on water that is widely used to treat a wide range of health problems. The idea behind hydrotherapy hospital equipment strongly depends on the advantages of hot water. Combined with hot water, the weightlessness of the body makes hydrotherapy suitable for patients with physical or mental disabilities or in the event of injury. Hydrotherapy medical equipment is also an incredibly appropriate way to improve the process of healing and enhance the quality of life.