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The Sensory learning Wall has a number of features that include a variety of sensory sensations. Exploration includes the senses-view, touch, hearing-as well as the sense of physicality. After exploring and understanding, children begin to explain their experiences. When children communicate their knowledge in words, they acquire language skills. Walls for medical sensory learning encourage vision and precise motor skills and have visual, acoustic and sensory components. Ideal for keeping kids occupied on entryways and waiting areas. No loose bits, because nothing is lost and nothing is to be washed up. Walls can be mixed together to create a play corner that is diverse and exciting over a long period of time. This is why hospital sensory learning play is so critical for young children. Almost everything a child picks up or plays with, like an instrument, building blocks, a patch of green grass, will stimulate the senses, so it's important to provide an atmosphere that promotes this.