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In multiple musculoskeletal chronic disorders and functional recovery training following bone and joint surgery, as well as comprehensive core strength training, special functional training and post-injury rehabilitation training, the Physio Suspension Set is widely used. It is used by the general population's preventative health treatment. To relax the nerves and joints, the hospital physio suspension set uses suspension equipment and eventually returns natural functions to patients with heart, joint, and skeletal disabilities. Training strength in a dysfunctional state will stimulate neuromuscular synchronization between the body's trunk, joints, muscles and separate muscle groups. In an incremental process, Physio Suspension set products increase muscle strength, which involves regular and repeated activity. We may also use suspension exercise to improve human muscle strength training and core stabilization, which makes suspension therapy fascinating. The user therefore cooperates to actively achieve healthy and successful constructive, passive treatment. An all-round, extensive, flexible, and rigorous sports rehabilitation system is the Medical Physio Suspension Set for kids.