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An integral requirement of radiology procedures where you are routinely exposed to x-ray radiation is hospital X-ray lead goggles. When your eyes are subject to x-rays daily at work and you do not wear x-ray lead goggles for radiation protection, you run the risk of cataracts being detected early and potentially other eye problems that may lead to blindness. For many healthcare professionals using x-ray radiation, particularly those performing diagnostic CT imaging, possible exposure is treated at the time the x-ray source is energized by retreating to a shielded control room. For certain workers, however, it is not feasible to isolate themselves entirely from the source of radiation. Doctors, nurses, and technicians involved in interventional practices in radiology are examples. Instead, emergency personnel carry safety clothing, such as lead aprons and thyroid security neck collars. Using suitable eyewear safety, such as X-ray lead goggles, is also necessary to remember.