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The first safety against Covid-19 that comes to mind is the surgical face mask. We see people wearing what seem to be various kinds of face masks wherever we turn. Surgical Face masks are also known as 3 Ply surgical masks, which are small pieces of non woven fabric with middle breathable Melt blown layer that people use to keep the germs from their coughing or sneezing or to avoid picking up the viruses and bacteria of other people. They can release germs into the air when someone coughs, speaks, sneezes that can affect anyone nearby. To prevent cross-contamination, disposable face masks are part of an infection prevention technique. Not only are disposable face masks useful for coronavirus safety purposes, but they are also a valuable commodity for the medical community. Both within an operating room or in general, doctors also need to attend to the needs of different patients. Therefore, they need to wear protective surgical face masks in order not to pose any risk to patients.

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