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The world has been disturbed by the latest outbreak of the Covid-19 virus. Dead Body Bags are used from their place of discovery to a funeral home or mortuary for the transfer of human remains.The Dead Body Bag is a non-woven bag built to hold a human body and CPE. Used for corpse storage and transportation. The body should be held inside dead body bags to limit the chance of fluid leakage. Present designs of disposable dead body bags may not allow the family member's feelings about the deceased and cater to the family members' need to see the face of the deceased without exposing them to a strong likelihood of corpse contamination. Such dead body bags will keep the care of the deceased body to a minimum throughout travel from the hospital/death site to a mortuary, and then to the home of the deceased/burial ground/crematorium, where it can be disposed of in a respectful manner along with the body in it without placing individuals involved at risk of infection.

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