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The use of water to ease pain and facilitate physical well-being is the hydrotherapy tank. For pain relief, a variety of therapeutic treatments and techniques rely on the soothing effects of water, allowing use of the response of the body to hot and cold stimuli. The Butterfly Shaped Hydrotherapy Tank is built for permanent installations with direct access to the supply, leak and drainage of hot and cold water. The design and scale of the medical hydrotherapy tank facilitates the execution of multiple arm and leg exercises without touching the sides. When observing & supporting the user, the recessed areas at the head and sides of the bath provide excellent access for the nurse. During treatment in the hospital hydrotherapy tank, the increased blood supply and movement of white blood cells throughout the body allows lymph (an immune system substance that tends to collect and get rid of unnecessary materials from the body) to be circulated more easily around the body and thereby enhances the immune system, helping to combat colds and diseases.