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There are a total of nine sets in this Surgical Set Series. We are the manufacturer, supplier and exporter of Surgical Set L Series in India. This series has Laparotomy Cesarean Set which is used during delivery of babies through Cesarean surgery. Laminectomy Set is a set of equipment useful in the treatment of spinal stenos is. The other sets include Laparatomy Set Mini for Tubulation, Laceration Set, Laparotomy Set Minor, Laryngectomy Set etc.

Laceration Instruments Set | Neurosurgery and Laminectomy Set | Laminectomy Surgery Instrument Set | Laryngectomy Set | Laparotomy Instrument Set Major | Laryngectomy Instruments Set | LP Instruments Set | Lumbar Puncture Set Adult | Lumbar Puncture Set Paediatric | Surgical Sets