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X-Ray envelopes Film is durable, secure and effective for the transport or filing of x-ray films. Film filing envelopes are made from high-duty brown paper craft which is durable adequate for resistance to use and stop curling of the x-ray film, but compact enough to accommodate the computer à sous. In the upper left and rectangles, the medical X-Ray film envelopes feature written identifying spaces for quick identification or filing. We create x-ray engravings and film bags that are incredibly solid for the safety of their material and the prevention of x-ray curling, as well as for the versatile application, as well. They are also entirely suited to your needs by printing on the envelopes. In a pathology laboratory and clinics, hospital x ray envelopes cover is used to report the patient. Regular dimensions of 7x4, 7.25x5.25, 8.25x5.5, 9x4, 10x4.5, 11x5 are available in ready stock, based on customer scale, colour and thickness.

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