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The Evaluation kit provides critical Goniometers, pinch gauges and evaluation instruments for proper diagnosis in a compact carrying case. Used to diagnose and chart the success of treatment, the Hand Test Kit is constructed from high quality materials to ensure long life and extended longevity. The hospital evaluation Kit is suitable for clinics and hospitals. Whether you need to assess hand damage and dysfunction, or to measure the patient's improvement through recovery, you need these resources. This kit includes a hydraulic hand dynamometer, pinch scale, and finger goniometer to test grip power, pinch strength, and finger joint motion range. Both the hand dynamometer and the pinch gage automatically hold the maximum reading when reset. It contains all the necessities to keep track of the functionality of your patient's side. This medical evaluation kit is ideal for occupational therapists, physical therapists, licensed hand therapists, IME physicians and those who care people with hand trauma or other hand disorders.