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This surgical set series has 12 surgical sets that include Skin Graft Surgery Set, Stitching Set, Suture Kit Labour Room and Sympathectomy Set. All the sets are beneficial for health professionals and surgeons to carry out different processes as they find all instruments at one place. Suture Kit Labour Room, for example, has instruments that help to clench body tissues together after delivery to secure the sutures. We are manufacturer, supplier and exporter of Surgical Set S Series in India.

Sternal Miring Instruments Set | Skin Graft Surgery Instruments Set | Stitching Removing Instrument Set | Suture Instrument and Dressing Set | Sympathectomy Instruments Set | Sternal Miring Instruments Set | Stitching Set | Surgical Instrument Set | Suture Kit Labour Room | Suture Kit OPD | Suture Kit Theatre | Sympathectomy Instruments Set