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A Suspension Spring is a compression-using spring or wrap that decreases the flow of blood inside the affected region. Along with treating varicose veins, inflammation, and sports injuries, it is widely used to manage edema and decrease swelling. It is also the compression part of the acronym for injury rehabilitation, RICE; rest, ice, compression and elevation. Medical Suspension Springs are made of the finest steel cable, with a chrome plated finish, to prevent over extending, rope is fitted in the coil. For expansion, flexion and suspension operations, the Suspension Spring Accessories are appropriate. Desco Medical India is fortunate to have a large range of Hospital Suspension Springs of excellent quality from well-known and experienced suppliers. Helical wound coils, bound closely together to generate friction, are often known as a Suspension spring. Hospital suspension springs typically have chains, loops, or end coils that are drawn out and shaped from either end of the body.