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We're a popular manufacturer of passive motion unit. These products operate without any noise and have a flexion angle of 0 to 120 degrees. These products have an average speed of 1.5 minutes per stroke and can be modified as per our requirements. The hospital passive motion unit can be used for an actual duration of 5 minutes to 30 minutes. They are available at economic prices. Usually, the knee is rotated continually through a variable range of motion to prevent stiffness and improve the range of motion. Medical Passive Motion Unit physical therapy is a special system for enhancing flexion mobility; the stiff muscle does not allow for a complete range of motion due to less movement, joint exercise due to discomfort following surgery, unintended polio injection, paralysis and hemiplegia, etc. A technique for sustaining or increasing the amount of movement in a joint by means of a mechanical system applying forces to achieve joint motion without normal operation