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Technologists are well aware of the dangers involved with their patients imaging the pelvic region. The field of the gonad and ovary is extremely radiation-sensitive. When you know the exact site of the injury and require discrete shielding for the remainder of the area, X-ray shields are suitable for positioning over the gonadal zone. Diaper hospital x-ray shields are excellent pieces of protective radiation clothing for children's x-ray examinations, shielding the front and back of the patient, particularly when you think about the guards remaining in place. When the body being x-rayed is not within the guard parameters, the medical X-ray shield is ideal for positioning around the entire gonadal area. There are certain aspects of human anatomy that, when it comes to radiation, are not tolerant. During x-rays, carefully covering regions with the x-ray shield would guarantee that you are doing everything you can to cover this especially vulnerable area.