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Uses Of Anesthesia And Its Accessories

11 Feb 2022

Purchasing an anesthesia machine? You have to make sure that you have all of the accessories & accompanying equipment — from machine accessories, general anesthesia accessories, emergency equipment and airway management accessories. 

Anesthesia is used to prevent patients pain during surgery. These anaesthetics medicine may be given by skin patch, injection, topical lotion, inhalation, spray or eye drops.

Anesthesia is not a treatment, it’s unique in that it allows others to do things that may diagnose, treat or cure an ailment which would otherwise be painful to the patient. An ideal anaesthetic drug allows amnesia, hypnosis& muscle relaxation without unpleasant changes in pulse, blood pressure or breathing.

 There are some cases in which anesthesia needs to be altered, for difficult procedures and special circumstances like cardiothoracic, cardiac surgery, neuro surgery, etc. Almost all healthcare providers use anesthetic drugs to some degree. Patients under general anesthesia are kept under continuous physiological monitoring to ensure their safety.

There are three broad categories of anesthesia

General anesthesia- It suppresses central nervous system that causes unconsciousness.

Sedation- It suppresses central nervous system to a lesser degree without making patient unconscious.

Regional and local anesthesia- It blocks transmission of nerve impulse to specific body part. Drugs are targeted at peripheral nerve to numb specific body part such as numbing a tooth for dental work.


Speaking of Anesthesia accessories, they are made of various parts and pieces catheter mount, bougie straight catheter, hose mounts, head harness etc..


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