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Types Of Hospitals Furniture And Its Uses

08 Feb 2022

Hospitals furniture are very critical essentials they are not just only commercial buying, but they go way beyond that. Buyer has to focus on needs and take in proper consideration for the comfort and safety of patients as well as doctors. Hence, buying proper medical supplies is a great deal and not just typical business shopping.

Health care industry is one of the world’s fastest and largest growing industry. It’s consuming 10% GDP of world’s most developed countries. Healthcare industry is typically divided into many areas. It generally consists of  dental and medical practice activities, Hospital activities and Other human health activities (it includes physiotherapists, nurses, midwives, pathology clinics, etc).

Hospital furniture are the most essential part of any medical institution. Hospitals need to be ready for every medical case that might come through their door. That’s why keeping key pieces of medical equipment ready to go at all times is very essential for providing complete care.


Electric bed, manual bed, delivery bed, examination tables, dressing trolleys, medicine trolley, stretcher, IV screen, bedside screen, bowl , etc., are some important supplies for hospital furniture.


Stretcher- Stretcher is very important for transporting emergency patients.


Anesthesia machines- It is designed to give an accurate supply of medical gases mixed, with an accurate concentration of anaesthetic vapour.


Patient monitor- It is used to monitor the medical condition of patient.


Surgical tables- They are basic necessity for any Hospital for performing surgical procedures and recovery.


Surgical lights- They are mandatory for any surgical setting.


Doctors and practitioners spend long hours which makes it more important to choose right, comfortable and reliable Hospital furniture. Demand of hospital furniture has increased immensely with development of medical supplies.


DESCO Medical India manufacture, exports and supplies wide variety of hospital furniture, standardization of size, design and colour ensures reasonableness in pricing. We can handle the furniture requirement of medical centers of any size, right from a clinic to a multi-speciality hospital.