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An ultrasound test is a diagnostic examination using HF waves to take live pictures of the body. The ultrasound scanner sonography is also known. The technology is similar to the technology used by the military to track aircraft and vessels by sonar and radar. A hospital ultrasound scanner helps the doctor to see muscles, vessels and muscle issues without making an incision. Echoes are protected because they use sound waves or echos to create an image, rather than radiation. Their use is very secure. Medical ultrasound scanner is used for measuring fetal growth and can diagnose liver, pulse, kidney, or abdominal conditions. They can also aid with some biopsy forms. The person performing an ultrasound scan is considered a sonographer, but radiologists, cardiologists or other experts view images. Typically, the ultrasound scanner equipment sonograph has a transducer, a hand-held apparatus, like a wall, mounted in the skin of the patient. Sound passes through soft tissue and tissues, but bouncing off denser structures, or echo. Ultrasound is sound. It produces an impression like that.